The Year of Color: Chromatic Trends of 2022

Nov 11, 2021

Ceramic tiles offer a number of technical properties that make it the ideal cladding material for virtually any surface in both architectural and interior design projects. As Tile of Spain manufactures work swiftly to evolve their production techniques, new collections are equipped with enhanced features to strengthen the durability, ease of installation, resistance to  abrasion and hygienic capabilities of each piece.

In addition to its all-encompassing benefits, ceramic tiles offer unique design flexibility and aesthetic versatility. The diversity of hues, nuances in shade variation and tonal depth that can be found across new ceramic collections from Spanish manufacturers allow designers and homeowners to infuse a space with nearly every color palette and possibility.

In collaboration with the Habitat Trends Observatory (OTH) and the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC), we present the four color schemes that will inspire ceramic, architectural and interior design trends of 2022:

Connecting with Nature

In this trend, ceramic surfaces offer a closer connection with nature. Organic colors predominate, with a strong influence of neutral undertones. This saturated palette of earthy greens, stone grays, and raw tints seek to convey a handmade environment. 

Alaplana, Castleford
Dualgres, Luken

Emotional Indulgence

This chromatic scheme focuses on crafting environments that support our emotional wellbeing.  

Spanning the spectrum of soft pastels to deep taupes, each ceramic series that incorporates these soothing pigments will envelope interiors in calm and comfort. It is here we’ll find deep ochers taking on a greater role due to its delicate and therapeutic characteristic.

El Barco, Impression
Equipe, Tribeca

Euphoric Environments

With the intention of creating interior settings that demand attention, this complexation encompasses a sharp dimension of contrasting colors, ranging from primary tones to glossy finishes that facilitate the transmission of vibrant energy. Bold reds, yellows and blues match their spectral opposites, to coordinated color sets that offer an avant-garde approach to interior design.

Cevica, Trival
Mainzu, Livorno

Luxury Redefined

In the final arrangement of 2022 color trends, rich, dark tones combined with iridescent reliefs are key to achieving the intended effect of sophistication. Gradient metals, paired with daring violets, striking charcoals and marble graphics will steal the spotlight. 

MYR Ceramica, Bellagio
Etile, Rialto

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