Trend Report: Spanish Tile Trends from CERSAIE 14

Oct 7, 2014

Nearly 90 Tile of Spain ceramic wall and floor tile manufacturers from Spain recently showcased new collections and innovations in tile at the Cersaie 2014 show in Bologne, Italy. Thanks to new technologies, Spanish tile reinvents itself this season to create its own style, with details that make each piece something personal and unique. Here we take a look at trends from Tile of Spain companies that are inspired by the latest decorating and design trends – vintage styles,  mix and match, gradients, subtle reliefs, hexagons, mirrored effects, matte blacks, warm looks, rustic themes, feminine styles, and classic elegance.

New 2014 Tile Trends

Vintage styles: Classic formats continue to gain fans. Square 4×4″ tiles or rectangular 4X8″ tiles in basic colors black or white, grays, or pastels like pink and baby blue, mostly with a gloss finish, provide simplicity and elegance to any space. The new vintage pieces are octagons connected by inserts with vintage reliefs. Their chic high profile creates simple and cozy rooms.

Adex -Studio Series. Wall tiles: Combination of Octagonal Bamboo in 6X6″ with relief insert “flor #2″ in 1X1″. Listel in Liso Eucalyptus 3X6″ and relief in Palm Beach Eucalyptus 3X8″. Floor tile: Octagono Eucalyptus 6X6”.

Mix & Match Ceramic: Created from the mash-up phenomenon (re-mix of two previous works to create a third). In this case ceramic tiles are mixed with diversity: materials, textures, colors, formats, and graphic motifs. The object in these projects is to find unique solutions in this coming together of different combinations which before could have never been possible. The versatility of mix and match tiles makes it possible to be used in a living room floor or a kitchen wall, combining them with other materials to give the space a personal touch.


Halcón Cerámica – Moments Series. Ceramic floor tile (18X18″) Color Mix

Gradients: The quality and variety of the color palette in ceramic tiles allows for the use of this installation style which goes from a darker to lighter shade or vice versa. The result is unique and personal since darker colors can be used to add energy or warmth to a room.  To make the design more complex and interesting installers can play with Zigzag patterns like those seen below from Equipe Ceramicas.

Equipe Ceramicas – Country Series. Wall tiles are a color mix in gradient style white/light gray/pearl gray/graphite/anthracite (2.5″X8″)

Subtle Reliefs: Tiles with volume are softened by creating a visual game with original details. This slight volumetric accent which is used as a decorative focal point is obtained by the soft finishes of the glossy ceramics, the pink hues and mat pieces. Sometimes the decorating rhythm is altered by a row of decorative tiles with extra large motifs such as flowers, leaves, abstracts, etc. to purposely draw attention.

Unicer – Reality Series. Wall tiles: Combination of Relieve Reality Rosa (9″X23″) and Relieve Reality Blanco (9″X23″) with flat tiles Lisa 31 Blanco Mate (12.5″X12.5) and Reality Rosa (9″X23″). Decorative tile: Decor Romance (9″X23″).
Floor tiles: Reality Rosa (9″X23″).


Hexagons:  Floor and wall tiles have entered the world of geometry by bringing back the beehive! The forms and figures that hexagon pieces offer opens up an impressive collection of design possibilities. For a more contemporary feel, add decorative pieces with prints (painted or enameled), like the Modeli series from Tile of Spain manufacturer Natucer, in a random pattern.

Natucer – Modeli Series. Extruded floor tiles in hexagonal shape Panal Modeli Mix (6″X7″). Black and White.


Mirror Mirror: Ceramic mosaics become “powerful” in their new combinations of metallics with mirrored effects. When installed in certain walls they can make other elements sparkle, giving the space a most cosmopolitan look.

Dune Ceramica – Copper Mirror Series. Mosaic wall tiles with mirror in Cobre color (10″X11″)


Matte Black Chic: Black matte pieces add a touch of masculine sophistication to any room. In this case, the Porcelanosa Antique series combines with honey-colored wood and white walls, to contrast textures and colors. The decorative motifs of the black tiles are subtle and barely noticeable.

Porcelanosa – Antique Series. Porcelain floor tile (23X23″) in black.


Cozy: A sure bet on classical pieces but redesigned for a 21st century space. Vitrified rectangular tiles mixed in four different white hues from Cevica give this contemporary space a cozy and traditional feel.

Cevica – Antic Craquelé Series. Wall tiles are a combination of Antic White, Antic Medium White, Antic Dark White and Antic Grey (6X3″)


The New Rustic: Ceramic floor tiles in planks that resemble distressed wood, and in some cases look “worn down” give the sensation of a lived-in space. These pieces are perfect when paired with simple-lined decor and furniture.

Gayafores – Rovere Series. Ceramic floor tile in “distressed wood planks” (8X26″) In honeyed hues.


Sweet and feminine: This delicate style is obtained by using very light beige and pale rose shades with a sprinkle of small vintage-inspired floral print wall tiles hinting of French country style. The gold touches and antique elements such as wall moldings and shelves, emphasize romantic inspiration.

Rocersa – Wall tiles: Edén Series in ivory shade (10X30″) with decorative pieces. Edén-12 DEC-1 Ivory (10X30″) and trim pieces Udine Oro (1X10″). Ceramic Floor tile: Clown Moka Series (12.5X12.5″).

Classic Elegance: Floor tiles inspired by natural stones in very pure white and gray colors with high gloss provide serene elegance to any space. These ceramic pieces have such a strong personality that they become the stars of the room, emphasizing the owner’s personality.

Ceracasa – Absolute Series. Porcelain floor tiles in high gloss. Color: Sand (20X40″)

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About Tile of Spain
In Spain, tile makers labor as they have for centuries – pushing their passion for design and innovation to new levels of artisanship. With one of the purest and strongest domestic clays available, Spanish manufacturers have an unparalleled ability to make the end product more diverse. From rustic handmade forms; to technical facades that cool buildings and clean the air; to the impossibly slim, sustainable recycled and ink jet masterpieces that fire the imagination. The Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER) is the private organization whose primary objective is to support Spain’s ceramic tile manufacturers and the industry as a whole by stewarding and promoting the Tile of Spain brand worldwide. A strong global leader, the ceramic tile industry of Spain comprises 125 manufacturers concentrated primarily in the province of Castellón. For more about tile produced in Spain, contact Tile of Spain Center at the Trade Commission of Spain, 2655 Le Jeune Road, Suite 1114, Coral Gables, FL  33134. Call 305-446-4387 or visit


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