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Nov 12, 2020

Ceramic tile manufacturers from Spain are making waves in the digital arena by turning to technology to transform the tile selection process.

“We are seeing more and more of our manufacturers turn to digital tools to make the tile selection process both effortless and inspirational for specifiers and end users,” said Francisco Garzón, Trade Commissioner of Spain, in Miami. “The applications we are seeing offer users a uniquely creative opportunity to explore innovative formats, applications and finishes to meet specific design needs.”

Below, we highlight virtual design tools created by Spanish tile manufacturers that will pioneer the way architects, designers, specifiers and homeowners source materials for residential and commercial projects:

Glass Mosaic Mesh Creator by Alttoglass

Create your very own mosaic sheets with the GLASS MOSAIC MESH Creator by Alttoglass. Users can select the number of  pieces in their sheet, color, and finish to design custom mosaic creations:

3DSuperb by Alcor

3DSUPERB by Alcor is a program that lets users create three-dimensional renderings of their spaces and redesign them with the full range of Alcor products. This easy to use digital platform allows its users to hone in their design skill and delve into the infinite possibilities of tile installation:

The Azteca Experience by Azteca Cerámica

The AZTECA EXPERIENCE takes visitors on a virtual tour of a California residence, where they can view Azteca’s collections in high-resolution. With 10 different spaces, each featuring a distinct look, the Azteca Experience is truly a unique way for homeowners, interior designers, installers  and architects to draw inspiration for their next design:

Home Design 3D by Azulev Grupo

HOME DESIGN 3D is a program that allows users to create three-dimensional environments with the full range of ceramic materials from Azulev Group. Thanks to its user-friendly interface architects, designers and homeowners can explore hundreds of tile installations from the comfort of their home or office:

Click & Tile by Azuliber

From indoor and outdoor applications to residential and commercial settings, Azuliber’s CLICK & TILE tool is a new take on virtual design. Simply select the space you wish to design then click on each area of the room to begin the process. Azuliber also allows users to choose different paint and décor options to see how their ceramic collections pair with different design styles:

CREATE 3D by Baldocer

Design your very own three-dimensional space with the CREATE 3D program from Baldocer. Available in two different settings, HOME and PRO, visitors can design both residential and commercial spaces with Baldocer’s full line of ceramic products:

Cement Tile Floor Simulator by Cerlat

Design your own collection of Spanish floor tiles with the CEMENT TILE FLOOR SIMULATOR by Cerlat. This brand-new digital tool allows users to choose from a selection of graphics, colors, and effects for a series that showcases their personal style:

Cevica Lab by Cevica

Design and develop your very own ceramic materials with CEVICA LAB. From color and size to format and shape, Cevica provides resources to create and manufacture bespoke products for ceramic tiles as unique as your style:

Colorker 3D by Colorker

Bring your tile vision to life with the new 3D room-planning tool by Colorker. Visitors can start with a new floor plan or recreate an existing space and begin outlining their design by selecting pieces from Colorker’s extensive catalog of tile and grout options:

GF 3D by Gayafores

Bring your digital design to life with the GF 3D design tool from Gayafores. This virtual platform invites visitors to draw their own room, insert different decor and design elements and apply Gayafores products to the walls and floors for a virtual space that suites their personal taste:

Virtual Showroom by Grespania 

Grespania offers a refreshing perspective on tile design with their VIRTUAL SHOWROOM. From inspiration to application, this digital tool allows users to explore new collections from their home or office:

Keraben 3D by Keraben Grupo

KERABEN 3D is an easy-to-use digital platform that allows visitors to create a custom rendering of their space designed with Keraben’s expansive line of ceramic tile. Users can create unique settings in a matter of minutes while play with the various textures, colors and graphics featured across Keraben’s catalog:

Virtual House by Natucer

Natucer explores the benefits of ceramic tile with its brand-new VIRTUAL HOUSE program. Beginning with the entryway and ending with the backyard, users are taken on a tour of the home where they will learn how ceramic tile can visually enhance each room of the home while improving its functionality:

Mainzu 3D by Mainzu Ceramica

MAINZU 3D is a downloadable software tool for architects, designers, specifiers and homeowners. This virtual program provides users with the capability of building a one-of-a-kind virtual space in five simple steps. Users can establish their floor plan, place furniture and accessories and complete their space with Mainzu’s ceramic collections:

Mosaic Creator by Onix 

How far does your imagination go? Find out with the MOSAIC CREATOR, from Onix. Users are invited to choose from a vast selection of formats, finishes and grout colors to design their very own mosaic designs, perfect for walls, floors, pools and more:

Pamesa 3D by Pamesa Cerámica

Design your dream home with the PAMESA 3D creation tool. This new program allows users to build their own three-dimensional custom space with Pamesa’s broad range of ceramic wall and floor tiles:

Peronda 3D by Peronda

PERONDA 3D is an easy-to-use design program that offers architects, designers, homeowners and installers tools to customize their space with ceramic tile. Users can mix and match different colors, textures patterns and formats in a virtual setting to design a space that fits with their personal style:

Porcelanite 3D by Porcelanite Dos

PORCELANITE 3D is a virtual program that allows  users to create high-resolution spaces using Porcelanite Dos’ full range of ceramic offerings. Users can choose to fill their space with modern graphics, traditional formats, metallic finishes and much more in this easy-to-use style selection tool:

Design Your Space by Porcelanosa Grupo

Invest in the future of your space with the DESIGN YOUR SPACE TOOL from Porcelanosa. Users choose from a selection of room styles that best reflects their interior taste. Porcelanosa will then suggest a selection of ceramic options that will recreate this look in their own residential or commercial space:

Creahome by Saloni

CREAHOME is a new tool by Ceramica Saloni that takes custom design from virtual to reality. Users begin with a blank floor plan and have to option to build out a custom digital space using Saloni’s full range of ceramic products:

Digital Platforms by Vives Ceramica

Vives Ceramica offers five digital platforms that allow architects, designers and their clients to create their very own three-dimensional spaces. These new digital tools allow users to experiment and combine different products from Vives and apply them to the specific area or scenario they are creating:

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