Warmer Weather Brings New Ceramic Tile Trends

Jun 10, 2020

The arrival of summer and warm weather calls for a change in design trends both in and out of the home. Interior designers and homeowners look to incorporate materials that are heat, sun and water-resistant while adding decorative elements such as light colors and vibrant patterns that exude the brightness and vitality of the season.

Ceramic manufacturers anticipate this transition of trends by proposing suitable pieces to adorn spaces for the upcoming hot months. Tiles in different shades, sizes and arrangements that enhance freshness and light, and are easily adaptable for all interiors and exterior environments.

Naturally Summer

Not only are ceramic floors extremely durable, they are also versatile in design and can be applied in differing finishes, decorative reliefs and size formats depending on the look you want to convey in a space. For a more relaxing atmosphere combine a soft neutral color palette with wood-inspired tile floors. The natural lines and veins mixed with caramel tones provide a fresh and organic feel, ideal for relaxing in the company of a good summer book.

Shades of Gray

Ceramic tiles remain a popular choice for vacation homes as they are an adaptable material, perfect for multifunctional spaces and high traffic areas. Its technical properties allow ceramics to cover indoor and outdoor floors within the same space creating a seamless flow throughout the home. Neutral hues, gray in particular, facilitate the integration of decorative elements and when placed on the floor establish a balanced base.

Sun Baked Tones

Choosing floors and walls in harmony with the environment surrounding the house gives the place a special charm. Earth-toned surfaces are the most suitable for coastal and country residences. Tiles with a rustic appearance in ocher, brown and terracotta shades add depth and texture and are a good option for these properties.

Summer Staples

The rustic style is a timeless trend that Spanish ceramic manufacturers know and love, presenting new formats, colors and finishes in their catalogs each year. This season the ceramic pieces with a well-worn appearance stand out.

Bringing these types of flooring into the home gives rooms a different and unusual style that will undoubtedly catch the eye.

Inspired by Stone

Ceramic wall and floor tiles inspired by stone elements highlight the value of the passage of time and create idyllic settings that are completely reliable in the environment and in the wear of the materials. Used in shades that are integrated into the landscape, they allow us to create spaces that invite us to rest, conceptualized from the aesthetic and functional simplicity of rural areas and far from cities.

Outdoor Oasis

The arrival of summer brings with it the long-awaited enjoyment of backyard activities. Ceramics for these months come with models designed for terraces, patios and pools. Specifically, Spanish manufacturers design collections featuring, non-slip pieces, steps, and heat resistant paving among others.

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