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Series Name: Stromboli

Description: The design of this stone, modern and soft, is perfect for terrace environments with straight and architectural lines. Light color offers the possibility of creating dreamlike, minimalist and timeless pools. The neutral tones and soft texture of a natural stone make the Stromboli series very versatile and adaptable to all environments. Get a clean and refined finish, with a straight line and neutral tones, perfect for a minimalist decoration. Or for Mediterranean style houses, where the smooth and classic finishes are the key, where the porcelain stoneware with this stone finish will combine perfectly with the tendency to nature of the Mediterranean houses, where stone and wood are the protagonists, getting a peaceful and bright atmosphere.

Date product launched: May 17, 2018

Size(s): 31×83, 37’5×75, 75×75

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Partida Planet s/n 03510

Callosa D’En Sarria, ALICANTE, SPAIN

+34 965 881 175

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