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COLORKER – Elements

Series Name: Elements

Description: 5 smooth reliefs available in 4 colors (Caramel, Moon, Grey and White) comprise the Elements coatings series. Its indispensable 20 x 60.5 format is completed with a mosaic for each color. Shown is the matching paving for Elements. You can also combine Elements with a large number of Colorker’s paving options.

Size(s): 20 x 60.5; 30 x 30 mosaic; 30 x 30 mix (Caramel, Moon, Grey).

Date introduced: April 2016

To purchase contact:
Javier Maañón,


Alcora, Castellón, 12110 (SPAIN)

(+34) 964 361 616

Javier Maañón,

Facebook: ColorkerCeramica
Twitter: @ColorkerTiles
Instagram: ColorkerCeramica