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DUNE – Transverse


TRANSVERSE, the most technical series of SHAPES, is a small format, full body porcelain designed for interior and exterior spaces. Its beauty lies in the simplicity of the design of four geometric shapes in irregular thickness which invite you to create diverse compositions. Inspired by the minimalism of Japanese design, TRANSVERSE uses neutral colors with simple diagonal lines and varying thickness to interact with light. These reliefs generate subtle contrasts made by the shadows for a stunning design. Clay, cement, and graphite make the palette of TRANSVERSE, where order and repetition prevail in its purest form. Dress up the design with matching decorative pieces inspired by wood, metals and handmade ceramics.

Date product launched: 2017

Size(s): 14,7×14,7 cm./5.8″x5.8″

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Anabell Torres at

This collection is available in DUNE USA warehouses in Florida and California.



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