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GAYAFORES – Brooklyn

Series Name: BROOKLYN

Description: The BROOKLYN series is a faithful reflection of this industrial trend where the structural elements of the building, brick walls, pipes, electrical installations, beams, etc., are left exposed to give a renewed look to the living area.
We recommend BRICK BROOKLYN  as an indispensable component that brings back the charm of the revival.

In 11×33 format and white, grey, greige and natural colors and in 33×33 and basic colors to be combined and with a deco style option that provides geometric stamps in a complete piece or enmeshed in a mosaic.


Available in various colours of black, natural and blue to create a welcoming and engaging look.


Date product launched: February 2017

Size(s): 4″X13″ / 13″X13″

To purchase contact:

Vicente Santamans, Subject to availability


CV.20 – Km.7

Onda, Castellón SPAIN 12200

Phone: 34 964 626160

Facebook: GayaForesTiles

U.S. Contact:

Vicente Santamans,