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GRESPANIA – Coverlam

Series Name: COVERLAM

Description: Grespania is at the forefront of the industry and leads the way with the Coverlam collection. The thin, laminated and rectified porcelain stoneware tiles, manufactured using a new production process, offer endless possibilities. The thickness of the tiles has been reduced to a only 3.5mm making it possible to produce large-format, lightweight tiles with all the features of porcelain stoneware: strength, impermeability and durability. Any surface can now be covered with ceramics: floors, ceilings, walls, furniture, countertops and more. Products within the Coverlam series include: Travertine marble series (mixture of gloss and matte in Anthracite and White), Basic series (delicate palette of neutrals White, Grey, Black and Tobacco) and Oxido series (combination of stone and metal in a Soft Ivory tone).

These new products are available in three formats: 1.000 x 3.000mm, 1.000 x 1.000mm and 1.000 x 500mm.

Date product launched: Cevisama 2010

Size(s): 100 x 300cm, 100 x 100cm, and 50 x 100cm (39-4/10″x 118-1/5″, 39-4/10″x 39-4/10″ and 19-7/10″x 39-4/10″)

To Purchase Contact:

Andrés Hernández De la Torre,


CV-16 Ctra. Castellón-Alcora Km 2,200

City: Castellón, Castellón SPAIN 12080

Phone: 34 964 344411

U.S. Contact:

Andrés Hernández De la Torre,