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Series Name: Nexo

Description: The Nexo Series is a full body technical porcelain range in which texture and versatility take center stage.

The Nexo Series’ attributes mean it can adapt perfectly to all kinds of architectural projects ranging from public spaces to residential projects thanks to its’ three finishes, six colors, multiformat concept and a wide range of decors.


Date product launched: February 2014

Size(s): 80x80cm, 60x60cm, 30x60cm, 30x30cm

To Purchase Contact:

Andrés Hernández De la Torre,


CV-16 Ctra. Castellón-Alcora Km 2,200

City: Castellón, Castellón SPAIN 12080

Phone: 34 964 344411

U.S. Contact:

Andrés Hernández De la Torre,