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IBERO – Bricklane

Series Name: BRICKLANE
Description:  Resistance, solidity and sense of motion. The Bricklane collection gracefully brings to mind the oldest and most resistant construction material in existence: Stone.

This collection is a part of the “Break the rules” trend, and features strong presence, as well as interplay of formats and a sense of rotundity.


Fusion between different formats creates as natural an environment as the palette composed by Artic, Grey and Natural tonalities. This stone features, among many other remarkable characteristics, a matt finish providing the product with a C2 R10 result which, together with its bus hammered finish and rough texture, transmits a feeling of durability and soundness.


This type of product is characterized by the great sense of motion shading causes in the canvass, as well as by the warmth and sophistication it conveys for all possible design possibilities.

Date product launched: Cevisama 2017

Size(s): 12X12 / 2X10

To purchase contact:

Christian Mas,


Ctra. Castellón-Teruel Km.19IBERO

Alcora, Castellón SPAIN 12110

Phone: 1 954 654 5635

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Christian Mas,