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IBERO – Gravity

Series Name: GRAVITY
Description: The Gravity collection from IBERO mimics an industrial setting with weathered floor and wall tiles. The palette of colors includes natural hues such as Pearl, Silver, Oxide and Dark Grey which are highly adaptable for any setting. Rectified edges and glossy finishes give this collection a smooth finishes.

Date product launched: 2018

Size(s): 60×120 Rect. / 30×120 Rect. / 45.5×90.9 / 45×90 Rect. / 75×75 Rect./ 31.6×63.5 / 30.6×62.5 Rect

To purchase contact:

Christian Mas,


Ctra. Castellón-Teruel Km.19IBERO

Alcora, Castellón SPAIN 12110

Phone: 1 954 654 5635

U.S. Contact:

Christian Mas,