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INALCO – Storm iTOPKer

Series Name: STORM iTOPKer

Description: Storm ITOPKER, a collection inspired by stone’s strength and beauty, is a revamped classic in black or grey, with fine white veining, for use as kitchen countertops. Its strong surface evokes the more dynamic side to nature, while also allowing for the creation of restful settings in the case of the grey model, while the black model lends surfaces a bold striking air. Storm is available in a smooth natural finish or glossy polished one.

Date product launched: September 2016

Size(s): 1500×3200 mm

To purchase contact:

José Manuel Boix,, 1-305-810-9964


Partida. Saleretes, s/n

Alcora, Castellón SPAIN 12110

Phone: 34 964 368000

Facebook: Inalco.Ceramics

Twitter: Inalco_ceramica

Instagram: @inalco_ceramica

U.S. Contact:

José Manuel Boix,, 1-305-810-9964