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NEOLITH – Timber

Series Name: TIMBER


Description: LA BOHÈME B01: Now added to the Timber wood collection is the first wood model produced in a12 mm thickness: La Bohème. Inspired by the trunk of Lebanese cedar, La Bohème stands out because of the play of robust knots and marked lines which offer movement and depth. A faithful interpretation of this noble wood both for the eye and touch because a real texture is achieved with our NDD (Neolith Digital Design) technology.


LA BOHÈME 02: The B02 version of La Bohème is presented with a set of lines and knots in a more subtle and homogeneous way than the B01 version of this décor. Bohemian, rustic, Provencal and rough looking, La Bohème B02 can be used for both kitchen tops and islands as well as for cladding and flooring.


Striking and strong, both versions of La Bohème respond to the latest trends in design without compromising the durability of the surface.

Date product launched: 2010


Size(s): 3600×1200 mm (144”x48”)


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