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SALONI – Akros

Series Name: AKROS
Description: ATENEO, GALENO and APOLO are the graphic options available within the AKROS series, which is offered in a 40×120 format. There are both matte and glossy finishes available, with a chromatic variety that runs from the luminosity and purity of white to the power and elegance of graphite, after first passing through the serenity of pearl grey. It also includes decorative options with reliefs which create geometric bodies, light and shade effects, which improve the most up-to-date and sophisticated side of the series, and make areas exclusive.

Date Launched: September 2017

Size(s): 16X47-60X60″

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Tel. 408-441-1221






Ctra. Alcora, km 17,400

San Juan de Moró, Castellón SPAIN 12130

Phone: 964 34 34 34
Facebook: Saloni Ceramica
U.S. Contact: Rául Perez,