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Series Name: FAENZA

Description: Reproducing early 20th century tiles with a more contemporary touch, we launch the FAENZA collection, in a red body 20×50 format, a Maiolica concept with a structural base mixing different types, with clays, bricks and stones, adding a finish that combines reflections mixed with matts. We add the FAENZA RETTANGOLO, which is a pre-cut to simulate a 10×25 brick. The collection comes in three colours, white, pearl and ivory. We decorate it with the PARIS Decor. It can be matched with the Hydraulic series, Pattern and some Sanchis cements.

Date product launched: February 2017
Size(s): 20 x 50 cm
To purchase contact:
General Ceramics, Miami, Florida

Avda. Manuel Escobedo 13
Onda, Castellón, SPAIN 12200
Phone: +34 964 776 565
Facebook: AzulevGrupo
Twitter: @AzulevGrupo_EN
U.S. Contact: Luca Carena,