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Series Name: OTTAWA

Description: For the Sanchis brand, we have included in the 24×72 grey-red format the OTTAWA series, a rustic wood with a soft structure and some cracks, it has a certain wear and the design has a lot of personality. It comes out in two finishes, one normal for interiors and another, non-slip, for exteriors. It comes in three colors, ivory, beige and grey and the spike-type decoration is the SPIKE in beige and grey. 

Date product launched: February 2017
Size(s): 24 x 72 cm
To purchase contact:
General Ceramics, Miami, Florida

Avda. Manuel Escobedo 13
Onda, Castellón, SPAIN 12200
Phone: +34 964 776 565
Facebook: AzulevGrupo
Twitter: @AzulevGrupo_EN
U.S. Contact: Luca Carena,