10 Creative Ways to Use Tiles in Your Home

May 13, 2016

While ceramic tile is a great option for achieving traditional looks, it also provides can also be a great jumping off point for creative expressions. Here’s some creative ideas on how Tile of Spain can be used to add unique style to any space!


1. Create a garden indoors: Flowers are always in fashion. Whether they are used discretely or more prominently, flowers will convey a sense of joy to the decor of any room. When stylized, as in the bathroom of this house, flowers can bring a gentle touch that compliments the color of the rest of walls.



Ibero Ceramics, Next Series – Coating. Tile white paste. The flowers are modeled Decor Poppy, Coral and Bone (25×75 cm)


2. Make your own superhero village: A passion for comic book heroes can easily inspire the decoration of rooms in your home. Select collections of coatings and ceramic floors offer decorative pieces inspired by comic book characters and superheroes. In this space, the tiles form visually powerful vertical strips that are contrasted by blank walls. An original and creative form of storytelling.



Aparici Series Range – coating. Tile white paste. The comic strips are Comic Decor model and the remaining walls are Range and Mink Tear (31,6×59,2 cm)


3. Recover classic style: Since the late nineteenth century, hydraulic tiles with simple geometric patterns and basic colors have made its way into the redecoration of existing homes. The wide range of styles and colors appear to multiply the space where they are used. In this room, the ceramic tiles have restored all the flavor of the past by paying great attention to detail.



Peronda Series FS by Peronda – Coating. Model FS-3 B-14 (45×45 cm)


4. Form your own Japanese sanctuary: After its mid-nineteenth century arrival in Paris, Japanese clothing has continuously influenced interior design. In this corner, the contrast of white ceramic coating with lacquered red, combined with delicate floral patterns has come together to create a subtle Japanese print that relaxes the room.



Grespania, Tokyo Series – Coating. Model Kendo (decorated) and Red Beige models (25×75 cm)


5. Use plants as a motif: As strange as it may seem, decorating rooms with plant motifs never becomes outdated. As you see in this wall, the uses are very subtle. The tiles are softened by the presence of raffia throughout the tile and the flax-like shape inside the design.


Vives Ceramica

Ceramics Vives Series Lovestone – Coating. Model wallstone Lunar Lindau (33,3×100 cm)


6. Take advantage of geometric shapes: Geometric shapes in decorated ceramic tiles can add simple, yet fun, accents to any room. In the bathroom pictured below, geometric shapes are added to the simple gray color scheme to add depth and personalization to the room.



Vives Series Lovestone – Coating. Model wallstone Lunar Lindau (33,3×100 cm)


7. Build romantic spirit: The use of various floral, roses and small wild flowers in shades of gray, pearls, coral and pink stimulates this cozy home, creating a feeling  of romance and warmth.



Azteca Series Pulpis R90 – Coating. Decor Papyrus A R90 model (30×90 cm)


8. Showcase your photographs:  Instead of using picture frames, get creative with your photographs. Quality ceramic digital printing can be used to customize any room of the house. This kitchen has been given a Mediterranean touch through a filmstrip composed of still life of olives and olive oil photographs.



Unicer Series Boston – Coating. Model Decor (23,5×58 cm)


9. Get creative with paisley: Fun, paisley patterns take over the space seen below. The main wall is filled with abstract shapes resembling organic beings or water droplets composed into paisley patterns to create an attractive visual effect.


The Platera

La Platera, Paisley Series – Coating. Pixtile model (35×35 cm)


10. Create your own palace: The elegant and schematic themes in this Greek-inspired floor create a feeling of both sophistication and simplicity. By using extra polished flooring materials in a neutral palette of cream and beige, with small details in gold, you can enhance the royal feeling of your home.



Dune Ceramics Series Megalos – Coating. Model Palatium border (14×59,4 cm)


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