2022 Surface Design: Trends in Ceramic Finishes

Dec 16, 2021

This season, ceramic surface design will focus on restoring balance in interior and exterior settings. The use of neutral and raw colors combined with sober and matte finishes will evoke an organic and artisanal atmosphere that will reradiate feelings of comfort and relaxation.

In collaboration with the Habitat Trends Observatory (OTH), we present four key trends that will define 2022 decorative ceramic reliefs and graphics.

Argenta, Le Giare 

1. Essential

Stemming from the ideology of biophilia to establish a deeper connection with nature, ceramic wall and floor tiles will celebrate the beauty of the outside world, mimicking the colors, landscapes and organic surfaces of bucolic environments.

In this trend, we find three distinct categories: Bio-Nature, Craft-Raw and Re-Circular.

Mainzu, Bali Stones


Here, ceramic tiles are designed to blend in with our surrounding environments. Tropical foliage and botanicals become the main source of inspiration to craft artificial living walls and floors.


Azulev, Colorslim

This category offers an aesthetic that expresses the raw side of ceramics and their pure composition. New series’ will return to their Earthy roots, enhanced by varying degrees of coarse textures and artisanal reliefs.

El Molino, Padua


The evolution of terrazzo and stracciatella is reemerging in ceramic tile design. We find dense details and fragmented stone-like inlays, in a diverse range of sizes and shades.

2. Emotional Care

This trend emphasizes visuals that offer peace of mind and security. Thus, ceramic claddings are designed to evoke a tender sense of peace and tranquility. Within this genre, are three micro-trends: Satori, In-Protection and Flex-Living.

 Azulejos Alcor, Valais


Minimalism is the main concept behind this sub-style of tile. Here, surfaces are stripped of decoration and are embellished with simplified graphics, muted hues and matte finishes.

 Keraben, Superwhite

In this micro-trend, the hygienic and antibacterial qualities of ceramic tiles become essential for maintaining safe and sanitary spaces. Their resistance to stains, harsh chemicals and ability to reduce the spread of germs guarantees a high-level of security.


Bestile, Akron

Multi-format ceramic collections work as the perfect ally for increased adaptability and flexibility in the different areas of the home. Floor and wall tiles can be arranged and installed in a myriad of ways to conceive open floor plans or provide seamless transitions between different living spaces.                                                                                                      

3. Euphoric

When it comes to defining the style and personality of a space, color is the key. In this trend, ceramic surfaces dominated by vibrant pigments  bring about designs full of expressionism with touches of craftsmanship, history and a provocative spirit. Within this trend, three smaller categories are presented: Artful, Maximalist Craft and Hyper Geos.

Apavisa, Cube


Floors and walls spring to life when infused with color. Surfaces adorned with ceramic series in deep reds, intense blues and vivacious yellows are transformed into works of art that bring adventure and excitement to a room.

Land Porcelánico, Go!

Maximalist Craft

Ceramic pieces comprised of artisanal inspiration adopt a daring attitude. By combining saturated colors with finishes that are evocative of natural materials, will achieve the time-honored look of hand-crafted tiles.

Vives, Pop Tile

Hyper Geos

With influences founded on antique designs, this trend plays with the size, and scale of geometric graphics. From repetitive patterns to abstract motifs, this line of ceramics intends to create bold spaces that demand attention.

4. Elegant & Refined

In our final trend, luxurious spaces are conceived through the use of surface materials full of glamourous embellishments. To achieve true sophistication, ceramic pieces balance marble and metallic illustrations with pops of color to generate alluring effects. Three secondary themes are proposed  here:  Neo Art Deco, Refined Glam and Maximal Luxe.

ZYX, Gatsby

Neo Art Deco

A modern take on the Art Deco movement, this style of ceramics is defined by whimsical shapes and asymmetrical patterns. Here we find hints of luxe details including golden decorations and jewel-like visuals.                                                                           


Baldocer, Atlantida

Maximal Luxe

In this class of ceramics, surfaces become a decorative element all on their own. With finishes inspired by marble, available in dominating large-formats, these coverings will offer rooms an air of extreme elegance and modern luxury.

Aparici, Lithops

Refined Glam

Looking ahead at what’s to come, this category is heavily influenced by futuristic-inspired surfaces. Industrial-like graphics such as concrete and steel metals fuse with a neutral color palette for a more subdued take on lavish interior design. 

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