6 Ceramic Styles Heating Up Interiors This Season

May 20, 2021

Each new season brings a new set of interior design trends. As the summer months approach and the warmer weather sets in, we inevitably think about how we can liven up our spaces with vibrant colors, bold patterns and statement accessories.

If you’re refreshing your living spaces this season and have considered a change in the flooring and surface materials that cover your home, read on as we review our favorite new tile styles from Spanish manufacturers that are sure to leave a lasting impression well into the fall and beyond.

Classic White

No matter its size, shape or format, white tile is always in style. This striking hue has the ability to brighten up a space with an illuminating glow, visually expand a room with its reflective surface and create a feeling of purity and balance. The collections of Spanish ceramic floor and wall tiles available in this shade range are the perfect way to invite timeless design to interiors this season.

Unicer, Piacentina

Material Madness

With the progress made in tile production, it’s now possible for Spanish manufacturers to craft collections that mimic the look of a number of different materials from natural lumber, to cement and stone, brick, and much more! These developments in manufacturing techniques have paved the way for one of this summer’s hottest looks, mixed materials. This type of application has allowed, architects, designers and homeowners to become more fluid with tile design, to craft the most contemporary of spaces.

El Molino, Padua

Vintage Reinvented

Be it fashion, music, television or interior design, what’s old always finds itself new again, and that’s no different when it comes to tile style. This year, two retro concepts, decorative hydraulic patterns and vibrant monochromatic collections can be found mixed and matched to craft eye-catching interiors. This unique pairing makes such a bold statement, adding depth and interest to a space.

Estilker, Puzzle and Rainbow

Geometric Expression

The variety of formats and the complex  details that can be found among ceramic motifs has become more sophisticated in recent years. Today, Spanish manufactures are experimenting with dimensions, shapes, patterns and colors that allow for intricate and one-of-a-kind installations. Like a work of art, these lines of ceramic tiles will define the aesthetic and personality of a room and nearly bring it to life.

Onix, Geo and Hex Pattern

Modern Applications

Thanks, to its technical properties, ceramics have evolved from a surface material reserved for floors and walls, to a cladding option for every inch of a home. With a high resistance to scratches, temperatures, chemicals, UV rays, stains and water damage, ceramics have become the perfect covering for countertops, facades, outdoor livings spaces, doors and more.

Idlium, Lisander Montenapoleone

New features

This year, the role of the home and the function of each room has undergone a great revolution. As homeowners continue to adapt the ever-changing landscape of residential design, ceramics are playing a fundamental role when it comes to optimizing and making spaces more flexible. Ceramics are completely natural, safe, sustainable and have become the top choice for residential spaces. 

Peronda, FS Mud

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