A Return To The Past

Jun 1, 2016

The latest trend in floor and wall tiles is a retrospective journey into traditional styles, allowing us to create vintage designs with the combination of different types of ceramic tiles.


The variety of formats, colors and motifs of ceramic collections who’s styles return to the past add a special touch that makes spaces unique, whether they are used to cover floors and walls around the whole house or installed exclusively in a space as the focal point of the home. Ceramic styles make spaces visually attractive, because they remind us of the past while still giving us the feeling of a recently renovated space.


Two eras, two styles, one design


Aparici Retro Series

Aparici Retro Series in light natural ivory. Porcelain floor tile (12X12 inches)

Some ceramic tile collections offer wall and floor designs inspired by floral motifs that are reminiscent of old hydraulic pieces. This is a classic ceramic decoration which has been revived, capable of adapting to the latest interior designs but with all the benefits of ceramic materials. The multiple types of tile décor that can be installed in rhythmic or random designs, and in
natural or neutral shades, give us the option to combine them with plain tiles of the same hues to create a retro atmosphere with a contemporary aesthetic.


Vintage “anywhere” hues.


Ceramica Cas

Ceramica Cas: Creata Series. (8X8 inches). Two styles are combined in this picture: Creta Decor Brown and Creta Dark Brown.

Ceramic floor tiles that mimic antique designs are easy to use in any room of the home. These tiles follow a classic trend, yet still give each room its own distinct personality. They are ideal to use in rooms that are shared by the whole family such as the kitchen, so they can define spaces and add unique character. One popular technique is to create “a rug” on the floor beneath the dining table by combining plain and decorative tiles from the same series. The tiles on the countertop could also be from that same series in order to create a chromatic harmony.


The attraction of all things classic


Ceramic collections inspired by vintage looks are a must year after year, reinventing themselves constantly and following decorative trends in order to adapt to any space in the home. Wall and floor tiles become key players in room décor such as the bathroom, a space that is increasingly being updated and redecorated. In the array of the decor we can include classic accessories for a purely retro result or set it opposite minimal lines that create a more balance space.


Barcelona E

Porcelanosa. Series: Barcelona E. Wall tiles in (12.5X35.5”). Matte hues. Four different patterns installed randomly.

Polychromatic mix & match


The mixing of floor tiles that combine similar design patterns and geometry, gives us a more modern version of a traditional trend. With a pull from past designs, while still using contemporary techniques, it allows us to give a distinguished touch to any room by breaking continuity without sacrificing elegance. Additionally, ceramic is one of the easiest materials to clean and maintain, keeping colors and designs fresh for a very long time.


Equipe Cerámicas – Hexatile Series

Equipe Cerámicas – Hexatile Series. Porcelain floor tile (7X8”)

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