A World on the Move

Sep 26, 2011

As society continues to change and evolve, we are witness to a similar process of transformation in the design world. Most recently, this  has ushered in a new sense of moderation and rationalization in the way we live our lives. Affecting everything from the automotive and manufacturing industries to the way people perceive interiors, this shift is even changing how we decorate the spaces we live in.


Consumer attitudes are changing, with the majority of individuals looking for useful products that possess longevity in terms of both aesthetics and quality. People want products that are timeless, yet can be personalized in an increasingly customizable world. In the middle of all of this, ceramic tile stands as a choice material that offers the versatility, durability and designer quality that consumers demand.


Offering an almost unlimited range of formats, colors, and finishes, ceramic tile continues to be a viable option for almost any home improvement project or commercial building refurbishment. In the last few years, research in the tile industry has led to the creation of innovative, sustainable designs with improved functionality. Self cleaning surfaces, tiles designed to enhance air quality and surprising finishes that allow ceramic to look like metal. These are all innovative solutions that keep the tile industry relevant in a world on the move.



Tile of Spain branded manufacturer Apavisa presents the Xtreme Collection, a surprising concept underscoring Apavisa’s commitment to evolving technology and injecting boundless creativity into the products they produce. Xtreme performs as its name promises, taking the bounds of porcelain tile to new extremes and challenging the status quo. Xtreme offers a full line for both wall and floor applications with three colors available in a lappato finish: a lightly textured White, Copper which emulates oxidized plate metal, and Black which appears as a dark slate. From each color, a designer can choose from formats in an array of geometric form including Hexagon, Rectilinear and Square for floors and walls; and the most innovative Wave and Nexus for wall décor pieces. The collection is rounded out with matching listellos, mesh-mounted mosaics, covebase, stair steps and skirting to ensure a complete design solution for any space.

Apavisa Xtreme Collection


Land Porcelanico, a Tile of Spain branded manufacturer,  is launching a new format to the market. The 90×90 (37.4” x 37.4”) format in the Portland Collection offers the minimalist look of concrete appearance. This simple and smart architectural solution in a porcelain tile offers high technical characteristics making it suitable for high traffic areas.

Land Portland Vison White


 New products launched by Keraben this autumn capture the different styles in stone and offer continuity to textile finishes that have performing well in previous seasons. Keraben, a Tile of Spain branded manufacturer, will present several series with inkjet technology that will bring greater variety and diversity in graphic finishes with stone being the nexus of almost all new items. The new ranges presented will emulate soft stones, marble and slates. As for colors, Keraben will focus on soft colors like white, pearl, cream, sand, and looking to deeper colors like black, gray and graphite for contrast.

Keraben Sybaris Travertino


What We Say: Ceramic tile from Tile of Spain branded manufacturers offers architects, designers and consumers an almost unlimited option when it comes to personalizing spaces. With a world on the move, and new innovations arriving from manufacturers daily, it will be amazing to see how the tile industry continues to evolve. One thing is certain, that tile possesses the qualities that consumers want most.

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