Back To The Future in 2017, Tile Trends Part 2

Aug 7, 2017

This is part 2 of a two-part series To view part one of Back To The Future in 2017, click here


Spanish ceramic tile is the ultimate tool for architects and designers to create spaces that will withstand the passing of time. Trends in interior design change as the years goes by, but the below styles adapted from previous eras have proven to only get better with age. Here’s a look at current tile trends that are timeless.

Back to the Origins

All trends have a counter-trend. In past years, architects and interior designers have chosen a minimalist style and neutral color scheme for ceramic tiles. Now, these designers are  beginning to explore the possibilities of using small format artisan ceramics as a way to infuse personality in spaces.

TABA space by Ibon

TABA space by Ibon Salaberria, Tabakalera (Donostia-San Sebastián). Winner for interior design by ASCER in the 15th edition of the Tile of Spain Awards.

This is where ceramic tile acquires a more decorative dimension, where color becomes important and where the artisan pieces shine. Terracotta and classic ceramic pieces are once again recovered and small format is king.

For this style, the folkloric aspect of ceramics is considered while also looking for references to other cultures and countries for designs with a clear decorative component.

Large and Small Format

Large format ceramic tiles have recently become a popular choice for architects and designers, as they have found new scenarios for tiles to enter the game and hold a different role from the ones originally reserved.

Ink by Alttoglass

Alttoglass, Ink Collection. Fabric Green Series (13X13)

At the same time, a return to small format pieces in interior design has become an unstoppable trend. Ceramic tiles are a fundamental part of decor, and small pieces allow interior designers to display their personal vision.

New Memphis

The novelty crisis of the 1980’s brought about an artistic generation of diverse designers who use loud colors and bold patterns to create a new design concept know as Memphis. This year, Memphis design is back and more prevalent than ever in the ceramic industry.

Undefasa. Caleidos Collection (9X11)

Undefasa. Caleidos Collection (9X11)

In this “New Memphis” movement,  designs are once again full of color and spectacularly formal. This trend has become a force after years of minimalism, in which industrial design had once eliminated the presence of color in ceramics.

In conjunction with the New Memphis movement, prints and graphic compositions have made a return as well. High gloss finishes, geometric patterns and the use of vibrant colors influence a wave of fun and happy graphic designs. This style is especially prevalent in small format tiles such as mosaics.

Part 2 of 2. To view part one of Back To The Future in 2017, click here

These trends are summarized from the Tendencias Cerámicas Report 17/18 of the Observatorio de Tendencias del Hábitat, which can be seen in its entirety here.








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