Case Study: Amanecer Promenade

Sep 2, 2022

One of Xabia´s prominent landmarks, the Amanecer Promenade borders the beautiful Arenal Beach and stands out with its crescent shape, stylish material choices and covers over 11,000 sq. yards of beach and Atlantic Ocean. Renovated in 2013 to reduce environmental concerns, architects Manuel Lillo Navarro and Emilio Vicedo Ortiz converted the promenade into a stylish yet functional “buffer zone” between the ocean and the city of Xabia. From replacing dated street lights and benches to giving the promenade a fresh and stylish update with custom porcelain tile to blend in with its natural surroundings, Navarro and Ortiz seamlessly integrated the urban and sea landscapes.

In order to blend both the urban and seascapes naturally, Navarro and Ortiz used materials like stone and wood, alongside continuous pavement slabs to blend the new promenade with its natural surroundings. Wood ramps made of acacia wood allow easy access to the beach, while concrete barriers, which double as seating areas, protect the nearby neighborhood and buildings from high tides and sea debris.

To add a unique style to this large-scale project, custom hexagonal porcelain tiles were created to allow for a subtle yet mesmerizing design. With specific placement and positioning, and a unique triangular mosaic tile embedded into the hexagon tile, Navarro and Ortiz were able to create a continuous and ever-changing geometric design throughout the promenade.

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