Case Study: From Old to New—The Scaffold House Project

Jul 7, 2022

Located in the unrivaled Sa Riera cove in Gerona, Spain, the Scaffold House project, by architects Ramon Bosch and Elisabet Capdeferro, is the rehabilitation of a stunning 1950s single-family seaside home.

During the renovation, Bosch and Capdeferro focused not only on repairing damage caused by maritime climate, but harmonizing the house with its environment by bringing the outside in through various open concepts such as a large alcove porch, open to the surrounding landscape.

The interior and open spaces were reconfigured for a larger living space, while maintaining the homes originality by combining old and new elements. These new elements add natural beauty to the house allowing it to seamlessly blend into nature, while also reinforcing the presence of the sea.

Additional features like rope wall coverings, manually sewn in situ allow for separation between the house and the crowded public beach below. These wall coverings also function as a guide for native climbing plants, creating a natural barrier allowing the house to harmoniously adapt to its surroundings.

Cross ventilation, ensured by the opening of a new porch on the southern end of the property, joined by the shading and the capturing of sea breezes represent an efficient and sustainable cooling feature.

Ramon Bosch and Elisabet Capdeferro cultivated a strong relationship between the Scaffold House and nature, while also honoring the home’s originality. This spectacular project earned an Honorable mention, Architecture category in the 2014 Tile of Spain awards.

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