Case Study: Rules of Geometric Architecture – An analysis of The AA House by OAB

Sep 10, 2019

The AA House by Carlos Ferrater and Xavier Martí of OAB is one of the most unique single-family homes that has been built in recent times. Located in Sant Cugat, Spain next to a forest bordering a golf course, the house rises from the road as a series of sloping roofs among the trees in the garden that form a magnificent belt of picturesque scenery.

The house follows a pattern of squares that features diagonal and sloping roofs. This unique geometric style of the house defines the interior-exterior relationship as a whole to establish continuity. The 45-degree diagonals of the sloping roof also work allow room for skylights and double height ceilings, lending an artificial topography to the area.

The home was built at garden level in order to create a visually linked exterior-interior relationship throughout the property. The interior of the home is unique in the fact that it appears to have no staircases or appliances, which are all hidden away for a sleek and clean appearance.

The exterior of the home features a large white ceramic panel façade that is reminiscent of Japanese architecture. Floor to ceiling glass windows are open to the pavilion and pool area in order to best establish the indoor and outdoor continuity, which was so important in the development of the property.

Photography by Alejo Bagué
This story was originally published in Ceraspaña Magazine. To see the full publication, click here.

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