Case Study: Spanish Ceramic Tiles Play a Key Role in University Expansion

May 16, 2019

Designed by renowned architect Alberto Campo Baeza, the newest addition to the Francisco de Vitoria University Campus in Pozuelo, Madrid houses athletic facilities and classrooms for student use. The building is home to indoor tracks, several indoor courts, a swimming pool, a gym and several classrooms all featuring Spanish ceramic tile as the material of choice for healthy, durable and easy to maintain spaces. 


This minimalist and streamlined building compliments the already modern campus, and is strategically split into two sections. Two clearly defined cubes are connected by a central walkway, which serves to connect the two spaces and create an internal courtyard. One side of the building hosts the athletic facilities, while the other houses the building’s classrooms.



The side of the building that houses the sports facilities is essentially a large translucent cube with enormous windows that help the building blend with the campus’s nearby central square during the day, and create a glowing effect at night.


Ceramic tiles took a front seat in the design of this part of the building. At the main basketball courts, bleacher-like seating areas are covered with large format ceramic tiles. These pure white tiles reflect the light admitted from the large-scale windows and create a bright, open space. Ceramic tiles were the material of choice due to their ability to resist wear and tear in high use areas, as well as their easy-to-maintain properties. 



Ceramic tiles were also the natural choice for the swimming pools and locker rooms in the building. White and navy-blue porcelain floor tiles with an anti-slip finish were chosen for the pool and changing room areas.



Thanks to Spanish ceramic tile, the building now boasts a streamlined and remarkably modern design that is a fantastic addition to the Francisco de Vitoria University Campus.


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This story was originally published in Ceraspaña Magazine. 


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