Ceramic Summer Oasis

Jul 26, 2022

Swimming pools have become true summer oases where we relax with friends and families, host parties, and most importantly escape the heat. Helping your dream summer rise to the occasion, ceramic coverings and flooring offer the perfect combination of style and quality, making them the ideal material for swimming pools and their surrounding areas.

Trésor, Rosa Gres

Fired at 1200° and naturally resistant to expansion, ceramic’s unalterable nature guarantees to maintain its performance and structure while withstanding the highest of summer temperatures. In addition, non-slip tiles are perfect for outdoor areas and water, offering security by preventing accidental slips and falls.

Exadeck, Exagres

The exterior design of a pool area is just as vital; hammocks, tables, chairs, sofas, or loungers add a welcoming comfort for family and friends to enjoy moments of relaxation. Thanks to the durability of ceramic’s natural resistant to wear and scratches, these decorative elements will not damage ceramic surfaces, maintaining their appearance for many years to come.

Filita, Ceracasa

We cannot forget the waterproof and hygienic nature of ceramic—limiting the absorption of dirt and water with its low porosity, ceramic prevents the development of germs and fungi, making it the ideal tile for those spaces where cleanliness is a must.

Miscelanea, Alttoglass

Finally, the aesthetic versatility of ceramic offers infinite possibilities when designing the installation and surroundings of a swimming pool. In addition to technical aspects, ceramics address decorative trends that adapt to any preference and personal taste. We propose using light and soft tones, with natural finishes, providing absolute relaxation and a timeless look.

Stromboli, Ceramic Mayor

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