Designing a Home with Ceramic Tile

Jun 3, 2021

Designing a home with ceramic tile has never been more exciting! From geometric walls and patterned floors, to decorative facades, there are more options than ever to curate a truly one-of-a-kind house. 

With series available in anti-slip finishes, multilateral shapes and dynamic decorative reliefs, Spanish tile manufactures have crafted collections to cover surfaces in all areas of the home. Read on as we explore diverse uses for ceramic tile in and out of the home, you may just find some inspiration for your next project!

Fascinating Facades

First impressions are everything, and the outer appearance of a home can say a lot. With the advancements made in tile production, ceramics have changed the way developers approach exterior design.

With solutions available in a range of dimensions, graphics and motifs, ceramic facades have the power to provide great insulation, create a strong protective barrier and allow for cladding full of artful interest.

Indoor-Outdoor Transitions

Alfresco settings have become a highly requested feature among homeowners in recent months. For these environments, large-format ceramic flooring becomes an ideal option to establish a relationship between interior and exterior living areas.

Opting for the same series in between connecting entryways will ease the transition between indoor and outdoor living and bring harmony to both spaces.

Designing with Nature

Recently, biophilic-focused design has become a top trend among homeowners and designers longing to create a thoughtfully designed interior. Inviting light, color and materials reminiscent of organic elements, into built environments has been proven to reduce stress, enhance the mood and spark creativity.

A great way to subtly introduce nature inside the home is with ceramic collections inspired by the outdoors. Installing a wood-look tile floor, floral backsplash or Earth-tone ceramic pieces in any room will create an instant connection with nature.

Spatial Definition

Ceramic tiles are perfect for creating a defined space. Installing contrasting wall and floor pieces in different regions of a house welcomes fluidity and movement to the configuration of a floor plan.

Thanks to its technical composition, ceramic materials can adapt to the different needs of each part of the home, be it an anti-slip finish for high-traffic utility rooms, a self-sanitizing surface to help keep a bathroom clean or a 2cm slab to adorn a kitchen countertop, there’s a series for every surface.

Luminating Illusion

In rooms where there is limited natural or artificial lighting, ceramic tile becomes the ideal material to help illuminate a space.

Finding the perfect balance between the color, glazing and finish of a collection can instantly brighten or visually expand any room with a soft reflective glow.

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