Designing with Color: Chromatic Trends Inspired by Ceramic Tile

Jul 9, 2020

Thanks to their versatility in finish, format, shape and size, ceramic tiles offer an unlimited number of design solutions for residential and commercial spaces with which we can explore. However, when it comes to defining the style and personality of a space, it is color that becomes the key decorative element. The diversity of colors and chromatic scales that can be found in the collections from Spanish manufacturers allows almost any color scheme to become a reality. 

In collaboration with the Habitat Trends Observatory and the Institute of Ceramic Technology, we present four color palettes inspired by the latest ceramic macro trends of 2020 to incorporate in your interior design:

Raw Organic Color

In this trend, ceramic surfaces bring us back to basics with a color scheme reminiscent of hues found in nature. Green tones such as moss and mint evoke an organic feel while shades in sunset orange and deep brown create a relaxing ambiance. Known for its raw and earthy appeal, terracotta takes the lead in this palette.

Shades of Wellness

Ceramic coverings are designed to offer a feeling of well-being thanks to their hygienic properties, but did you know colors also play a fundamental role in creating a healthy environment? Soft tones such as light grays, creamy pinks and moody blues provide a sense of warmth and security creating an uplifting and comfortable interior.

Natural Dyes

With the intention of creating a statement-making space, this trend, offers us a varied range of vibrant hues. From slightly muted natural tones, inspired by organic dyes to cheerful yellows and reds, these shades are indented to be combined with their color wheel opposites to create a daring look or call attention to a focal point.


In this color palette, gradient shades are paramount in achieving an air of sophistication. Dark blue and matte black combined with metallics are essential to defining a dark and dramatic appearance. In addition to the slight variation in tone, oxidized finishes enhance the effect of this color scheme reinforcing the luxurious look and feel.

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