Details Make All the Difference

Sep 1, 2015

When it comes time to remodel the rooms in our home, it is because we want a change. Whether the change is for functionality, or to simply give it a new look, the most important thing to keep in mind are the details and small elements that add to the aesthetics, comfort and individuality of the room.


A unique style can be achieved in homes and apartments by focusing on these small details with ceramic tiles. Tile of Spain manufacturers have large catalogs filled with decorative, detailed pieces that can compliment any décor. The combination of complementary pieces such as borders, fringes and listels with “base” monochromatic pieces is compatible with any decorating style. Whether it may be a vintage, romantic, contemporary, bohemian, industrial, Mediterranean, Nordic, opulent or classic, there is truly a tile for everyone.


In the bathroom, decorating often comes back to basic hues of blues, greens, and whites combined with contrasting relief borders. Another common theme found in bathrooms is ceramic tiles with romantic Victorian flowers in hues of pink and lilac placed in two rows against basic colors such as cream or dark red.



Cevica – Antic Special Series. Wall tile in “milky way” color combined with Azteca border in Acero (3X6 inches)



Keraben – Collage Vintage Love Series. Ceramic wall tiles which combines solid white and red tiles with florals (5X5 inches)


In other instances, complimentary pieces can create “ceramic carpets” which form a focal decorating point for any room. In their most sophisticated and luxurious forms are the beige hues and natural colors. In more contemporary design, patchworks of gray tones are used to divide the space without compromising the feelings of warmth and coziness.



Peronda – Museum Series. Porcelain floor tile Jurassic B/44/P (17X17 inches), ceramic rug done with pieces from the Pangea Collection



Vives – Vodevil Series. Porcelain floor tile Octágono Variette sombra (8X8 inches)


Incorporating small ceramic details in the walls of living rooms or offices gives the space a personal touch while simultaneously catching the eye. A more industrial atmosphere can be created by strategically placing two or three rows of decorative tiles, giving an otherwise plain white wall some visual rhythm.



Grespania – Austin Series. Ceramic wall tile in white combined with decorative grey pieces from the Texas Series (12X40 inches)


Finally, classic decorations are coming back in style for kitchens in a fully modernized way thanks to digital printing from Tile of Spain companies. Tiles with pictures of breakfast items, fruits or snacks can stimulate an appetite just by looking at them, and serve as a flashy detail for the most frequently used room in the home.



Halcón Ceramicas – Gallery Series. Porcelain wall tiles in beige with digital printing pieces (8X20 inches)


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