Enhance Your Home with Spanish Tile

May 8, 2020

As we continue to spend more time in our homes, many of us are taking the opportunity to work on home improvement projects that have been left undone. Whether you are undertaking a major remodel, or updating old floors, or simply changing the backsplash in your kitchen, every detail matters.

From the finishes you select to the color scheme of the room, each design element should enhance the functionality, wellness and look of your space.

Safe, sustainable and versatile in design, ceramic tiles are the perfect material to adorn any room of the home. Before you begin your next project, here are some style tips for how to create a timeless look in your home with Spanish tile.

Emotion, Mario

Measure the Light
Lighting can completely transform the look and feel of a room.  Before committing to a specific material for your floor or walls, explore how natural and artificial light will affect your design choices.

Ceramic tiles take advantage of everything lighting has to offer. The reflection of light will intensify and highlight key features such as the finish, color, quality and decorative accents in each piece, accentuating its beauty.

Alaplana, Meriadoc

Experiment with color
Before committing to a chromatic combination, think about the end result you want to achieve with the design of your space. For a dramatic look that evokes a serious and sophisticated mood try opting for a darker tone and a rich color scheme, for a more up lifting ambiance bright vibrant colors create an energetic feel. By selecting shades that adapt to your needs, you are able to emulate the style you wish to give a space.

Metropol, Capitol

Harmony, Sahn

Play with dimension and reliefs
Ceramic tiles with detailed veneers can transcend your interior space from ordinary to extraordinary. The effects provided by reliefs and three-dimensional tile create visual interest and can dictate the flow of movement in a room.  If you’re opting for ceramic tiles with intricate and ornate details, try balancing them with a subdued color palette to allow the tile to become the true protagonist of the room.

Cevica, Antic

Colorker Native

Explore different formats
Ceramic tile is available in an abundance of shape and sizes, from large slabs to fish scales to geometric shapes,  the design possibilities are limitless. By combining different formats, you can delve deep into your personal style and create and installation that is true to you.

Decocer, Austin

Natucer, Convex

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