Experimenting with Color

Dec 10, 2019

When designing a new space, there is always much to consider. We must visualize the result we want, assess the style, finishes and effects that best meet our design needs and have an understanding of the different catalogs of Spanish ceramic brands to coordinate with each design.

The first step in creating the indentitiy of a space is choosing a color palette. Color is key to building the personality of a space, it creates a lasting impression on each element of a room and allows us to explore our creativity. With each passing year, the world of color continues to expand and in 2020 there are more options than ever to choose from.

To help narrow down your color selection, The Ceramic Observatory proposes four color palettes inspired by the upcoming tile trends of 2020 to incorporate in your design

Dramatic Interior
This color scheme is heavily influenced by interior design of the 1920s with an updated perspective. The Dramatic Interior palette proposes elegant and synthesized details to achieve harmony in a design. It presents a color palette with dark colors where low scales dominate, with a strong presence of black and navy as the prominent colors.

Soft Heritage
This soft color scale has become incresingly popular with the minimalist movement. It offers warm delicatet motifs with an emphasis on muted tones. The palette combines passive and neutral hues in shades of rose, beige, grey, and cream to create a calm atmosphere.

Savage Soul
Inspired by nature , Savage Soul takes its influence from bohemian styles. The palette is full of natural elements in the form of intense greens, dark earthy tints and intense blues that bring about excitement and adventure to a design.

Plug & Play
This vibrant mix of colors pays attention to contract spaces. More specifically co-habitative environments such as new work and lifestyle models. Specific color palettes are essential to create this trend, including palettes composed of vivid tones inspired by the blues, pink and purple colors of the digital age.

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