Footloose For Summer: Decorating with Tile

Jun 4, 2015

Footloose is the best philosophy to welcome the warm weather. The objective is to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest, and to relax as freely as you please. During the warmer months, the sun will uplift the life of any terrace, porch or garden – and with ceramic floors or wall tiles, this eagerness for rest and enjoyment will increase as the temperature rises.


When decorating with tile, it is not only a matter of following a trend; it is a matter of personality! The versatility of Tile of Spain ceramics helps to transform a simple patio or terrace into a small paradise where we can reacquaint ourselves with the outdoors. Ceramic floor tiles inspired by natural stones, minerals or woods are the ideal materials to create a personal ambiance full of harmony. The ceramic finishes, usually matte with subtle discoloration, lend a sense of the passing of time and nature. The balanced, yet offset pattern layout, favor this effect.


Pamesa Cerámica

Pamesa Cerámica – Grenier Series. Porcelain Floor tiles. Nautural inspiration. Jasper tones (7”X33”)


Take it easy this summer and prepare to relax and enjoy the outdoor areas of your home!  The wonderful physical characteristics of ceramic tiles — long-lasting, invulnerability to the passing of time,  resistance to changes in temperature and inclement weather, slip resistance qualities and very few maintenance requirements — make them an obvious choice for outdoor spaces.


It is so important, yet so easy to make your terrace blend with the landscape of your property. By using small details, it is easy to generate a pure and earthly environment, which will leave your guests hurrying to step outside your home and explore your outdoor space. Ceramic tile allows you to keep the continuity between indoors and outdoors by using the same material to make spaces appear larger.



Ceracasa – Vulcano Series. Porcelain floor tiles. Stone inspiration. Almond hues (19”X38.5”)


The variety of hues and designs available from Tile of Spain, coupled with the breadth of choices, allow designers and homeowners to maximize the personalization of outdoor spaces, without interfering with activities taking place indoors during the summer time.



Iberocerámica – Evolution Series. Porcelain floor tile. Stone inspiration. Graphite tones (6”X35”)




Azteca – Nordic 60 Series. Porcelain floor tiles. Stone inspiration. Cream hues (24”X24”)



Gres De Aragon

Gres de Aragón – Columbia Series. Extruded glazed floor tiles. Stone inspiration. Aquamarine hues (13”X13”)



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