From Indoors to Outdoors: Examining the use of Ceramic Tile Outside of the Home

Apr 8, 2020

First impressions are everything and the outer appearance of a home has a lot to tell. Exterior living spaces like terraces, balconies, patios, pool areas and more, are just as important in the world of design as interior spaces. Ceramic tiles allow us to bring the beauty of interior design and personal style to outdoor spaces.

Durable, sustainable, waterproof and slip resistant, ceramic is the material of choice to adorn surfaces outside. Ceramic tile does not degrade with changes in temperature, frost or exposure to the sun, and maintains its color, properties and integrity for years to come. Here are some ideas to take ceramics to all corners of the home, including the outdoors:

Designing with Nature 

Ceramics are organic surfaces, made with safe, natural elements. Cement, wood and stone-look tile achieves perfect harmony when used in landscapes, often recreating the appearance of other materials typically found outdoors. This style of ceramic tiles offers optimal solutions that meet the needs of terraces, swimming pools and gardens.

Seamless Transitions

Finding continuity between the interior and exterior of the house is very simple and manages to visually expand the space in a room. Opting for the same large format tile inside and out will reduce unsightly grout lines and seamlessly connect different living areas of the home.

Defined Spaces

Ceramic tiles can be used to create defined spaces or contrasting environments by combining varying formats and tones of tile from the same collection with each other. Tiles can even be paired with different materials or vegetation to create an anti-slip path that coexists with nature without wearing out.

Artful Exteriors

Like interiors, exteriors also deserve exclusive pieces that will enhance the beauty of the environment. A wall or tile flooring can become the protagonist and give a completely different look to the outside. Varying finishes, unique graphics and vibrant colors can turn a terrace wall into a sophisticated corner.

Decorative Facades

Facades require quality materials that also provides an aesthetic that keeps up with the interior. Thanks to advancements in tile production, large format tiles are now available in endless finishes, colors and design that will bring a decorative element to a facade.

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