Full-On Color

Dec 7, 2018

Color is one of the main elements in interior design because of its powerful effect on the atmosphere and style of a space. For years, the number one trend in decor has been neutral shades and minimalism, however we are now seeing a welcome return of bold color.

FABRESA, Unicolor 10×30 (4X12”) Series – Arquitectura Collection

A report titled “Trends in Ceramic 2018-2019” compiled by the Observatory for Trends in Interiors talks about a new “mid-century colors” trend that is quickly overtaking the neutral minimalist trend of past years. The trend displays a clear American influence, both in the way it recaptures the style of the 50s and 60s, and in its use of saturated colors and color blocking.

TODAGRES, Colors Yellow Series – Todatech Collection

According to the experts at the Observatory for Trends in Interiors, “color is the dominant feature of this trend, used to create harmonious and vibrant spaces. The approach to using and combining colors is bolder and there is a shift in the tonal range being used. The bold yet pastel colors that appear in this trend creates a sophisticated look in any space.”

NATUCER, Figures Series, Triangle Blanc + Triangle Rosat + Triangle Carmin Series

One of the aspects of the mid-century style that best defines the trend is the simplicity and functionality of the items. As a result, finishes are simpler, but highly functional.

CEVICA, Antic Pastels Series

This new trend brings to mind ceramic, with its infinite color range and outstanding technical specifications that make it both functional and practical. In terms of decorative elements, this style uses geometry interpreted in numerous ways: mosaic, geometric patterns, linear structures and more. Excessive ornamentation is are nowhere to be seen. Clean lines and geometric shapes are the stars of the show, along with bold colors that come along with the mid-century color trend. 

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This story was originally published in Ceraspaña 41, a journal published by ASCER/Tile of Spain to promote the use and benefits of Spanish ceramic tiles in contemporary architecture and interior design. Read the article and view past issues HERE.

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