Harvard’s Ceramic Program presents an exposition of their projects

Mar 7, 2016

‘Formations in Ceramic Material showcases the work of students from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, which has used the Ceramic Program as a place to experiment since the last semester of 2015.


The show, housed at Gallery 224 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was sponsored by ASCER, the Association of Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers, in association with Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.harvard GSD

In these projects the students had a chance to practice manufacturing methods such as 3D impression, automatic polishing (CNC), as well as more traditional hand-made methods in the ceramic studio as in the case of casting and turning. The students have been exploring new applications for ceramics in the architectural design and have included innovations such as experimental designs for ceramic pieces and bricks, water-filtration systems and cooling through evaporation.

Formations in Ceramic Material 2 Formations in Ceramic Material 3 Formations in Ceramic Material 4

This exposition showcases the work that has resulted from the investigation projects, which combining tools and design techniques have resulted in designs that have become a physical reality. As technology evolves, architects and designers are faced more and more with challenges and the opportunity for creative exploration using new technology.

Formations in Ceramic Material 5

The course, directed by the Harvard Ceramic Program and with the support of ASCER, addresses ceramics as a framework for investigation, debate and experimentation, thanks to digital design and manufacturing technologies.



About the Ceramic Faculty Network

Since 2004 ASCER has been running an innovative Network of Ceramic Faculty in different Architectural Schools (Harvard, Liverpool, Graz, Darmstadt, Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia and Madrid) through which, aside from the elective course, there are conferences, visits, expositions and publications related to the understanding and diversification in the use of ceramics in the world of Architecture. Learn more about the program on its official website.



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