In and Out, Ceramic Exteriors

Jun 30, 2016

With the arrival of Summer, it is time to open our homes to the elements and spend as much time outdoors as possible. Patios, porches and terraces all come back to life in the summer and can be enjoyed even more when designed with ceramic tiles.

No matter the size of your outdoor space, finding the right ceramic tile collection and design will enlarge, complement or enrich any style of space to make the best of the outdoors. Ceramic wall and floor tiles from Tile of Spain can easily bring your outdoor vision to life.
Ceramic tile brings out the natural beauty in outdoor spaces. Ceramic tiles are created with basic raw earth materials such as clay that when combined with water and fire create a natural and high quality product.

We all need some time for rest and solitude. Time to sit down and think in a place where you don’t need to worry about maintenance will help to set your mind free to create. Ceramic tile properties such as its resistance, durability and low maintenance allows us the time to enjoy summertime without constant upkeep.



Plaza Cerámicas_Nobilis

Plaza Cerámicas. Nobilis (18X36”)

Dining Al Fresco

Certainly, this phrase was coined in the Mediterranean, though it does not imply that we can only eat outdoors in warm areas. If spaces are designed correctly, it is possible to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner looking at the stars. According to its size, usually large in rectangular or square shapes, ceramic floor and wall tiles can help define these spaces. Plan an ambiance in which red and maroon colored tiles and the green shades of vegetation are dominant and lighting through these materials will bathe the space with different hues during the day. Ceramic tiles will provide us with the texture and warm colors we so desire.




El Molino. Block 20 (24X24”)


The Perfect Get-Together
We must agree on the relevance of porches and terraces as hub of summer activities in the home.  We can easily turn them into the center of the home during summertime.  Besides its functionality, the options offered by ceramic tile allow us to configure these outdoor areas into a more traditional or a contemporary space.  Depending on the options we can choose a more artisan-like tile line to go with the design of more traditional homes, or even industrial lines relevant in more contemporary designs. At the same time ceramic tiles help us balance the connection between our home with its surroundings.  The glossy finish on tiles, strategically installed to receive direct sunlight, bounces off in the void to transform its light throughout the day.




CeramicaMayor_Sea Rock

Cerámica Mayor. Sea Rock marfil (19X47”)

Cerámica Gómez_Galia

Ceramica Gómez, Galia Series (12X12”)


The Secret Corner

Who doesn’t want to have a special place to shelter? A special corner to withdraw and think, to let our imagination fly.  A place where we can invite friends for a repast or any other activity. When we design the garden in our homes, we must think of using materials that are not only beautiful but at the same time easy to use.  The qualities of ceramic tiles increase the value of these projects.  Their temperature to the touch, rugosity, texture, colors, shapes and sizes and their different porous grades makes them the perfect ally to finish these domestic spaces.  Last, we can take advantage of their natural longevity since their many patinas give our homes timeless beauty.





Rosagres. Bohéme Series glacé (19X19”)

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