Keeping Up with Today’s Consumer

Mar 24, 2016

What’s important to today’s consumer, especially when purchasing tile? Tile of Spain consultant Ryan Fasan explores the importance of adhering to the needs of the modern consumer in his presentation “It Just Makes Sense – Keeping Up With Today’s Consumer”.


The presentation, which is embedded below, starts off by addressing today’s consumer climate. He discusses how the most important piece of service for consumers today is about providing that “WOW” factor. For example, did you know that only 35% of consumers reported having a remarkable purchasing experience in the last 3 months? We need the service to match the quality of our products in order to raise that number.


Fassan Presentation


Important tips on satisfying the modern consumer from the Tile of Spain presentation include:


  • The state of the modern consumer
  • Target markets
  • The 5 Pillar’s of Excellence
  • Having a web presence to match the brick-and-mortar experience
  • The importance of quick-ship programs
  • Local activism and educational initiatives

Target Markets


To view the presentation, click the Start Prezi button below. Advance the screen using the arrows, or select autoplay using the stopwatch icon on the right.



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