La Roca Camper, a CID Award Winning Project

Aug 19, 2021

During this year’s annual Coverings Installation & Design (CID) Awards special recognition in the International category was awarded to Tomás Alonso Studio for La Roca Camper. 

Located in La Roca Village, an outlet shopping center in Barcelona, Spain, the Camper store is an enticing footwear boutique that offers guests an exciting shopping experience while simultaneously propelling them into the world of Spanish ceramics.

Tomás Alonso Studio’s design is the latest of a long series of projects from the Mallorcan shoe manufacturer. To date, the brand has more than ten locations around the world where ceramic tile has been used as a key design element thanks to its striking design features, technical properties and versatile applications, allowing it to act as a visual language in the definition of a space.

What this particular Camper store stood out for is its relationship with La Roca Village and its neighboring shops. 

Conceptually, the goal was to craft an interior design scheme that strongly contrasted with the exterior facade of the shopping center’s buildings. The idea was to immerse customers in a setting where the sole emphasis is the purity of materials and their function. 

By constructing zig-zagging walls, more efficient use of the space could be made. Ceramic columns were added to each wall, serving as display stands to showcase different shoe collections, while tiled benches were strategically constructed between each pillar floor for customers to try on apparel. 

For the design of the tiled surfaces, the team worked with natural terracotta, finished with varying glazes for added interest. The result, a stunning backdrop where new shoe collection could be presented.

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