Modern Mosaics in a Digital World

Jun 15, 2011

When you think of mosaics throughout history, your mind normally flies across the Atlantic to the Roman Forum, the Hagia Sophia and the ancient cities of Spain. These timeless masterpieces feature unbelievably detailed mosaic tile installations that are still awe-inspiring after centuries of wear, tear and abuse. They have survived war and natural disasters, the original durability tests, so to say they are an enduring art-form is a bit of an understatement.


Thousands of years after its inception in the 4th Century BC, the mosaic arts continue to be a popular and dramatic format used to both stand out and accent field tile. However, it should be said that modern mosaics are much more technologically advanced than those of the Roman Empire. Tile of Spain branded manufacturers are offering new shapes and sizes, combining brilliant colors with materials like stone, glass, metal, porcelain or combinations thereof to create even greater visual diversity.


As mosaic tile continues to grow and evolve, there are still concerns over the amount of labor and time it takes to install individual tiles. The number of small pieces means more lines to grout and therefore more time to install. As a solution, Tile of Spain manufacturers such as Saloni are using modern technology to address this issue, utilizing digital printing capabilities to accomplish the look of glass mosaic but with a large-format accent tile. The realism is astounding, and it solves the labor and time problems associated with mosaics.

Saloni Crom Series


What We Say: Modern mosaic tiles allow designers to create a unique and amazing installation piece for their clients. As digital printing technology advances, the mosaic tile industry will adapt, allowing for shorter install times, lower labor costs, and custom “looks” that will continue to amaze people thousands of years after the industry was created.

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