Modern vs Classic Tiles

Jun 20, 2013

Ceramic tile is an ideal way to enhance the decorative style of any space, no matter the style. Some designers, and homeowners prefer modern styles, while others opt for more traditional styles.


Fortunately both styles can be found in Spanish ceramic tile. Modern inspired ceramics are characterized by the simplicity of their designs. Textures and reliefs give way to uniformity, either through flat colors like purple walls, or the absence of color through the choice of smooth, soft colors such as gray, taupe or white.


Classic tile compositions are filled with very unique mosaics, borders, and decorative pieces. They are very original pieces, designed to create spaces of elegance and luxury.


Some examples of classic and modern tiles include tiles from Azteca, Marazzi, Aparici, CristaCer, Peronda and El Molino.


Azteca - Life

Azteca – Life

Marazzi - Treverkatelier

Marazzi – Treverkatelier

Aparici - Eclipse

Aparici – Eclipse

CristaCer - Olimpia

CristaCer – Olimpia

Peronda - Auris

Peronda – Auris

El Molino - Oslo

El Molino – Oslo

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