Nature: The Timeless Trend

Mar 21, 2018

Natural motifs in interior design are timeless trends that are in constant evolution. Architects and designers are always looking for new ways to translate the beauty of nature into different styles for residential and commercial projects.

Ceramic tiles allow for easy inclusion of this practice by applying the latest patterns and easily adapting to all requirements and tastes. The manufacturing process and quality of materials allow ceramic tiles to create multiple geometries and pieces that mimic various types of stone, wood and natural elements.

Cas Ceramica, Chateau Series

Cas Ceramica, Chateau Series

Unrefined Style with Stone

Ceramic floor and wall tiles inspired by natural stone provide spaces with a unique, unencumbered charm. With this style, we can create spaces that are rural in concept, running away from the city and calling upon the rest and relaxation of the un-touched countryside.

Stone, as a natural material, presents a wide range of hues which deepen with the passing of time. The colors obtained can be infused in ceramic floor tiles to get a “stressed” look effect.

Ceramic pieces inspired by natural stone can be reinterpreted through their manufacturing and finishing process to obtain results that can radically change the perception of a space, showing not only sophistication but also creativity.

Gayafores, Village Series

Experimentation with Wood Looks

Utilizing ceramic tile for the reinterpretation of materials found in nature affords large doses of originality, with infinite formats, colors and installation patterns. Experimenting with woods is one of the most popular choices today, allowing for the widest range of creativity. The different hues of wood allows for the configuration of multicolor patterns and prints that shine on their own.

Another possibility offered by ceramic tile is the ability to bring the outdoors inside by using dark floor tiles that are inspired by untreated wood. These pieces add details such as indentations, gnarls in tree trunks and planks, which stress the natural vibe inside the home.

Halcon, Atelier Series

Open ambiances

The simplicity of natural materials is also present in projects of more traditional inspiration. Light colors such as smoke grey lend the space a sense of light and cleanliness to set a warm and open ambiance. Both stone inspired ceramics as well as wood look tile are offered in serene colors that help to connect open-concept spaces, one of the most sought-out trends in home layouts today.

Pamesa, Koncept Series

Sustainable and Healthy Materials

One of the most valuable benefits of using ceramics in your home is that they are more environmentally friendly than raw materials. Unlike the marble, stone and wood mining, ceramic tiles have a very low environmental impact making them a desirable alternative.

Additionally, ceramic and porcelain are made from natural ingredients that are free from toxic chemicals, keeping the air in your home or commercial space clean. With zero VOCs, allergens, formaldehyde and PVCs tile is naturally inert and resistant to these harmful pollutants that are could cause a variety of health problems.

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