New Logo and Look for Tile of Spain

Feb 7, 2013

You may have noticed a change with Tile of Spain. We have redesigned our corporate logo to create an international umbrella image.


Cerámica de España in Spanish, the new look for Tile of Spain is designed to project a new, fresher image for the Spanish ceramic tile industry as a whole through the use of a more modern, streamlined, and simple style.


The first redesign since the mid 1980s, the new logo is consistent with Tile of Spain’s position at the forefront of the world market thanks to the outstanding quality and design of its products.


The unmistakable Spanish flair of the new logo fits in perfectly with the creativity, innovation and quality of Spanish ceramic wall and floor tiles.


The logo is made up of two red squares that mimic tiles and form the background for the trade name and symbol – the tilde – a characteristic trait of the Spanish alphabet. The color red represents passion, an emotion frequently used to define Spanish character.


Here you can see the Spanish language version of the logo.


The new logo embodies Tile of Spain’s future evolution, in which the increasing internationalization of products ‘Made in Spain’ looks to play a major role. Today, ‘Tile of Spain’ is a registered trademark in more than 20 countries, including major export markets as well as emerging countries.


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