Opening the House to Summer

Jul 28, 2022

Summer is here and with it comes warm weather, sunny days, and optimism. We can transmit that positivity to our interior design projects in a season synonymous with color, vitality, and renewal to our homes. Thus, summer is the ideal season to encourage us to give our house a breath of fresh air.

Ceramic tiles take center stage as an enhancing element to obtain the best overall look and feel of the home. Timeless, durable, versatile, and made from natural components, ceramic floor and wall tiles are the ideal material for any room.

Let’s take a look at a few ways ceramics can help bring the summer into your home:

Moments, Undefasa

Relaxed Environments

Warm tones such as beige, white or yellow mixed with natural light brighten those areas of the house that go unnoticed in winter. This natural illumination enhances the soft pastel colors of the tiles, creating a friendly atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

Onyx, Azteca Cerámica

Color Explosion

The trend to add expressiveness and modernity to our lives results in the search for the ideal colors for our homes. Ceramic tiles and flooring provide a wide range of colors and designs creating endless possibilities. The most vividly saturated colors can be combined with pastel finishes, and dark tones are perfectly complemented by lighter tones, creating an endless number of original color schemes. 

Yesnaby, Arcana

Printed in All Its Splendor

From floral, damasks and geometric, to digital motifs and oriental-inspired drawings, the patterns available in ceramics are endless; all you have to do it choose which design best suits your style. You can opt for simple motifs in a single color, or more striking bold patterns covering the entire space.

Couture Black White, Ceracasa

Our Own Oasis

Self-care is a must, and because of this the bathroom has become one of the most important places in the home. Style and functionality are key when designing a bathroom—we recommend choosing wall and floor tiles in bright colors that, combined with softer tones, create balance and harmony with the environment. The addition of plants brings additional sensations of natural freshness.

Mural Optym, Mainzu

Enjoy the Outdoors

Summer invites us to spend more time outdoors, so it is the perfect time to give our outdoor space the attention it deserves. Beautiful yet durable and resistant to heat, humidity and inclement weather, ceramic wall and floor tiles are the perfect addition to any space as they truly withstand the test of time. Once installed, ceramic products do not require special attention and cleaning is both quick and easy.

Rodeno, Gres Aragón

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