Reconnecting tile with its artisan roots

Jun 23, 2014

Ryan Fasan, Tile of Spain consultant, recently presented his view of tile trends in the presentation: ‘Reincarnation of ceramic craftsmen – 2014 trends in color, inspiration, texture and formats.’

TOS Reincarnation of Ceramic Craftsmen title

Throughout the presentation (embedded at the end of this story) Fasan provides examples of artisan businesses both inside and outside the tile industry that draw upon their roots to tell a story behind their product. He talks about how people and industries are now celebrating the handmade and artisan. Examples include the rise of specialty coffee roasters, craft beer, and websites like Etsy – and even artisan toast.


Spanish ceramic tile has hundreds or thousands of years of history to draw from to tell its story. The artisan influences range from family run tile companies making handmade terra cotta, to the artisan glazes used on modern mass produced ceramics.


Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.12.27 AM

Fasan’s presentation covers important revivals we see in ceramic trends in 2014:

  • Classic Revival- octagon and dot, wainscoting and paneling, tesserae and pebbles, and deflt blue revival
  • The return of beveled tile
  • Cotto and brick
  • Artisan glazes
  • Inkjet reproductions of classic designs
  • Hydraulic and encaustic – Patterns in textures and wabi sabi styles
  • Vintage and salvage – including macro patterns and pop art

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.10.34 AMTo view the presentation, click the Start Prezi button below. Advance the screen using the arrows, or select Autoplay using the stopwatch icon on the right.



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