Revamp Your Home with Ceramic Tile

Oct 13, 2011

Ceramic tile offers designers a  range of aesthetic possibilities for transforming the look of a home. New and advanced installation methods mean less time and less cost, while the functional benefits of tile are making it an increasingly common feature in various rooms in the home. Ceramic tile is not just for the kitchen or bathroom. It makes for a beautiful accent wall in the living room, offers a durable and stylish alternative to traditional floor surfaces, and acts as a modern room divider in the bedroom.


Ceramic tile is a powerful tool at the service of creativity and design. Not only is it easy to clean and maintain, but it is durable and resistant to chemicals and scratches. From a design standpoint, tile comes in a multiplicity of shapes, colors, textures, finishes and weights. With such a range of options, ceramic floor and wall tile is the perfect ally for turning personal and original decorative ideas into reality.

Pamesa Ikom


Porcelanosa Aston


When working with tile, you can easily make the inherent versatility of the material work for you. The amazing range of colors will determine the sensations that the various spaces in your home induce. It is important to plan what kind of ambiance you want to create in any given room, and then let the colors and finishes help you achieve it. Bright colors enhance the light in a room, earthly hues transmit serenity. Blues, greens and browns help to create a natural space while black and white translate to simplicity and elegance.


The possibilities with ceramic tile are as boundless as the user’s imagination.

(From L to R): Azulev Materia, Porcelanosa Treviso, Saloni Cubic


What We Say: Thanks to new installation techniques, an unlimited variety of colors and finishes, and the inherent properties that make it such a versatile medium, ceramic tile is the perfect solution to creating a custom look in your home. Tile is not just for the kitchen backsplash or bathroom floor. It offers a competitive alternative to traditional finishes like fabric, wood, paint and wallpaper.

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