Spanish Tile that Makes Buildings Act More Like Trees …

Jun 6, 2012

A recent innovation by Tile of Spain manufacturer CERACASA is Bionictile, a porcelain tile with the capacity to purify the air and destroy harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) that are emitted during the combustion process from car and industrial pollution.

Using a special design and a patented glaze that causes NOx to react with the sun’s UV rays and humidity, these tiles are able to turn NOx into very small and harmless water-soluble nitrogen compounds, which are then absorbed safely into the soil or drainage system.

When a façade of a building is clad with this eco-friendly surface, the self-cleaning and the decontamination process is constant.  In fact, 200 buildings clad with Bionictile could remove approximately 218 tons of NOx pollutants over the course of one year.  This is equivalent to how much a forest with 11.3 million trees could do during the same time span.  (Studies by the Institute of Chemical Technology from Pol. University of Valencia and the Environmental Studies Centre of the Mediterranean (CEAM) confirm these findings.)
Watch this video to learn more …

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