The Allure of Reclaiming the Past

May 4, 2015

Recovering the past is one of the latest decorating trends. Reclaiming antique accessories to mix with contemporary elements in order to reach a perfect equilibrium, has become a passion in the decorating and design world and Tile of Spain. Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, baths… all rooms surrender to the charm of the past.


Here’s a look at some products from Tile of Spain ceramic tile manufacturers Roca, Vives, Grespania, El Barco, Tau and Rocersa that surrender to the charm of the past.



Roca Ceramica – Boulevard Series porcelain tile. Ceramic patchwork (9X9″)


Ceramic tile series bring back the essence of the past with their colors, formats, motifs and reliefs. The traditional design in ceramic wall and floor tiles affords a unique and exclusive touch. Ceramic tiles are a valuable asset for designers in achieving vintage styles. This tradition connects directly with the history of ceramic tiles, with classical patterns which are now re-invented in walls and floors.



Vives Azulejos y Gres – Mugat-Rivoli Series – Style: Raspail. Ceramic wall tile (4X8″) in White.


Its versatility as a material, valuable benefits and infinite array of designs, make it possible to find an innumerable amount of ways to jump back in time. Rediscovering prints and reliefs from the 19th and 20th century, the iconic “subway” tiles, the soft shades and hand crafted styles are just a few of the key elements to achieve a retro look with Spanish ceramic.



Grespania – Granada Series.porcelain floor tile. Combination of plain pieces (31X31) in beige and decorative pieces (Motril) which make the “rug” (31X31″)


Added to this are the choices created by playing with colors and installing rectangular tiles next to squares, using fringes and borders to create “ceramic rugs” which offers a more traditional decorating style, bringing back from our subconscious memories and feelings of the past.


El Barco from Tile of Spain

El Barco – Biselado Series. Ceramic wall tiles in subway style in White (6X3″)

Tau Ceramica

Tau Ceramica – Albaicin Series. Ceramic floor tiles combined with plain pieces (18X18″) with a border of decorative tiles (18X18″).



Rocersa – Infinity Series. Floor tiles Series Polaris Gris (24X24″) patchwork style.


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