The Color Game

Aug 15, 2018

Choosing the right colors is key to building the personality of a home. Playing with tones helps to create an identity for each room, allowing us to explore our creativity and create unique spaces. Spanish Ceramics offers a wide range of colors, and each season presents new color combinations for all tastes. From the most energetic tones, to the classic neutrals, polished textures and worn finishes. There are more options than ever for color and tone to give your home personality and to completely transform your space.



Using multiple colors of the same tone is a way to add spaciousness, and a lot of light to the room. If we add flooring within the same tonal range, the space will look larger without oversaturating the room with one color. As a result, we will achieve light, ethereal spaces with a lot of personality.


Natucer, Cottobello, (20 x 20 cm)


Worn Finishes

The feeling of the passing of time is another feature that brings personality to a room. For this, Spanish Ceramics offers traditional and worn finishes. These colors are softened in order to create a worn effect, and are easier to integrate into a space. This look allows us to achieve a rustic look, or incorporate modern style coatings, which will create a more polished and sophisticated style.


Aparici, Chalkwood (25 x 100 cm)


Playing With Contrast 

The floor is one of the most important elements, as it is one of the largest spaces in the room. Adding complementary colors to the walls and furniture can help to balance the colors in the room. To do this, a good option is to opt for neutral-colored ceramics: white, gray and brown. Color contrasts within the ceramic tile can add more texture, light and dimension to the surface without making the room feel too busy.


Ceramic Mimas, Trento (19 x 58, 20 x 90 cm)


El Molino, Forum (62 x 120 cm)


Apavisa, Calacatta Lincoln (162 x 324 cm)



Neutral colors are still the number one trend for decorating homes, but relying on light can help a space feel more open and radiant as well. Vintage-inspired floors are ideal for this purpose, as they combine several tones in each piece. This contrast can create a stronger, bolder look in kitchens and living rooms, where neutral light is prevalent. Another option is to select ultra-polished cream, raw or gray tones for flooring, which will allow us to add contrast pieces such as furniture or wall color.


Da Vinci, Menorca (40 x 40 cm)


Keratile, Agatha (60 x 60 cm)


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